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Goals & Purpose

Here’s a question, do you find yourself having difficulty identifying a goal or goals to strive for? What about having purpose in your life? As I’ve been studying the book of John, I came across this scripture that really stood out:

“Then Jesus said to them, ‘A little while longer the light is with you. Walk while you have the light, lest darkness overtake you; he who walks in darkness does not know where he is going.” John 12:35 NASB

As difficult as it sounds, the bottom line, walking in darkness equals no direction. Walking in the light, you will not stumble and you will have a sense of direction. As a believer, God will give you direction and purpose. How? You might ask. Well, His word says, “You word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.” Psalms 119:105 NASB . The more time you spend with the Lord and seeking His will, the clearer your path will become. The Holy Spirit will bless you with courage, strength and the will to take a leap of faith.

One more important thing, as I was reflecting on the topic of goals and purpose this week, Jesus’s ultimate goal and purpose was to suffer and die for our sins. His purpose was to save us and make us right with God, our Father. Can you imagine knowing that your purpose in life was to suffer and die for those that are sinners (Romans 5:8), for those that may not appreciate or accept you?

Realizing this, my hope is that you see how God has given us all a second chance through Jesus Christ. Walk in the light, and follow the goals and purpose God has set for you. Remember, God already has a plan for you life (Jeremiah 29:11). It's only a matter of you seeing it, believing it, and reaching for it. Once you do, it can bring satisfaction, contentment and fulfillment regardless of your stage in life. Take the time to build on your relationship with The Light, Jesus Christ, our Savior, He will lead you on a path that is secure.

May we remain hopeful,



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